Holiday Maintenance Tips

Holiday Maintenance Challenge

At Chrome Fitness, we are running a weight maintenance program for the holiday season. 30 women committed to staying healthy and focused through the month of December.

During the first week, each client made an initial weigh-in. They will check in once a week for the next four weeks, with a goal to stay within +2 lbs of their initial weight each week.

The holidays are so important to celebrate what we are thankful for, and enjoy the time off from work to spend with friends and family.  But with all those holiday parties comes a lot of extra holiday calories from grandma’s pies, mom’s cookies, and extra helpings of corn casseroles and mashed potatoes.

These 30 women have a goal to maintain their current weight, but how is that possible with all the sweets around?

Owner Marcy Kerr, (M.S., Kinesiology) tells us that “Maintaining a healthy weight is all about moderation, personal workout time, and group support.”

Here are just a few nutrition and fitness tips to maintain your weight: 

Move away from the table – Avoid sitting down at the snack table, or staying at the dinner table after the meal is done. Make a plate of your favorite veggies, cheese & crackers, or whatever other snacks are there. Then, go sit somewhere else so you’re not constantly looking at more food.

Personal Time – It can be difficult to make your regularly scheduled classes during the holiday season, but make at least 3 workouts a week non-negotiable. Remind your partner that you have class at a specific day and time, and you will not be available then. Ask them to respect that.

At Home Workouts – Ask your favorite instructor for online workout recommendations that you can do while traveling out of town. Chrome Fitness even has online resources specially recorded for the holidays! Invite your friends and family to do it with you at home.

Group walk after dinner – Research shows that physical activity after eating actually aids in digestion and can help keep blood sugar levels from spiking. Take a 10-15 minute walk after dinner instead of hitting the couch for a nap.

Make an appointment with Chrome Fitness to join our holiday weight maintenance program.