Where Fun Meets Fit!

Pole Fitness:  Where Fun Meets Fit 

Imagine being able to hold your own body weight. On a pole. Right side up, upside down, or maybe even sideways! Stop laughing, you can do it and Chrome Fitness can show you how. 

Ladies, this IS possible. In pole fitness, you first learn how to spin – a controlled fall really. You are supposed to come down to the ground. This begins to build strength and body control. 

​Then you learn how to climb; it’s easier than you think. Climbing a pole isn’t about being able to pull yourself up with your arms. It’s a combination of push and pull. Push with your legs, and pull with your arms. 

Sounds a little more doable now, right? 

​Owner Marcy Kerr, (M.S., Kinesiology) tells us that “Pole fitness trains muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance all while dancing to your favorite songs to make fitness fun!” 

Here are just a few of the physical benefits you’ll get at ChromeFitness, the leading Indianapolis Area Pole Fitness Studio: 

Social Support – You’ll find a great group of women to work out with, and triumphs small and large are always celebrated by the whole class. You may evenmake new friends and fitness partners at class! 

Mental – Pole is also a mental workout as you try to remember choreography, points of contact, and even learning how to move your body when upside down. 

Metabolism – Over time, pole helps to increase muscle mass. A higher percentage of lean muscle mass helps to increase your resting metabolic rate, which can help reduce your percentage of fat. 

Bones – Most runners have endured the pain of shin splints, foot problems and back issues that come from the constant pounding.  Pole can still stress your bones to help maintain bone density, without the other injuries. 

Blood Flow – Pole gets the heart pumping sending that rejuvenating blood flow all over the body providing that pickup that no candy bar can give! 

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