Pole Dance Classes

pole dance classes

Pole Dance Classes

Pole dance comes in so many forms and styles. You can love the fitness or dance side of it, or both! If you’re new to pole, try out the 3 week beginner series designed to teach you the basics. If you have previous pole experience, talk to us about series placement.

Pole Dance Drop-In Classes

Chrome Practice

Need some extra practice or instruction? Use this time to work on your pole routine or difficult moves. This class is open to all levels that are currently enrolled in a series class. An instructor is available to help you refine your pole dance skills.

Heels Classes

Start with Heel Foundations to learn proper technique in heels. Take this multiple times before enrolling in Beginner Heels Tricks and Flow. In this class, you’ll keep improving and learning heel technique while combining it into a flow to a specific song. Once you’ve taken multiple Beginner HTF classes and feel strong and confident in your heels, you can enroll in Heels Tricks and Flow. You should feel comfortable learning choreography and dancing in heels for this class.

Monthly Specialty Classes

Choreo: Taught typically in 8 counts to a specific song. Should be comfortable with pole sits, shoulder rolls, and various spins and hand positions.

Contemporary: Focus on expressing your feelings and emotions in this class while learning a routine.  Should be comfortable with pole sits, shoulder rolls, and various spins and hand positions.

Freestyle Flow: Instructor led prompts help you learn how to keep flowing, dancing, and improvising. Should be comfortable with pole sits, shoulder rolls, and various spins and hand positions.

Our instructors are constantly creating new fun classes so check the schedule each month to see what specialty drop ins are coming up next.

Liquid Motion®

Liquid Motion® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This is a floorwork only class that shows you how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration.

Pole Series Tiers

Chrome 101

In your first pole series class, learn a routine that will build the foundation for all of your future pole work. Spins, floorwork, and transitions make up this three week course so you can learn the proper hand placements and techniques to move smoothly around the pole.

Chrome 200

Now that you’ve mastered basic spins, it’s time to start combining spins and learning to climb the pole! Learn how to climb and two poses on the pole while continuing to build your strength and fluidity with combo spins, floorwork, and transitions.

Chrome Climb

Continue developing your climbing strength in this course. Start working on handstands, advanced spins, and multiple upright poses.

Inverts 100-400

It’s time to go upside down! Students will learn to invert or descend into inversions based on their level. Leg hangs, switches, and fundamental upside down moves like superman, butterfly, and flatline are taught here. Floorwork, spins, and flow continue to develop in these routines as well as an introduction to spin pole.

Aerial Inverts 100-400

Are you ready for some height on your inverts? The next four series will build your aerial invert strength, as well as teach you how to do a shoulder mount. Combos start to get longer in these series, and will challenge your endurance, strength, and flexibility. You’ll realize you can now do moves you have seen many of your favorite pole stars do.


You’ve hit Legend status! New pole moves and techniques are created every day so you can pole as a Legend forever! Legends routines continue to build your skills, create new combos, and push you to your full potential. Legends routines are customized to your class’s needs and wants. Nothing is off limits when you reach Legend status, so reach for the stars! Some Legend classes are routine based and some are drop in style working short combos for a few weeks.

** People learn at different speeds and have different interests in pole. We take time to create a perfect class environment for you, and following this progression of pole dance classes is not always typical. We’ll find the best class for you!