A Home Pole: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

A Home Pole: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

So you’re thinking about purchasing a pole for your home or as a gift but you’re not sure if it’s the right decision for you. The holidays are approaching and opening an XPole box on Christmas Day would certainly bring a smile to the face of any poler.

Chrome Fitness owner Marcy Kerr, (M.S., Kinesiology) discusses owning your own pole and how that differs with using a studio pole.

What can I afford right now?

Home: A standard pole will cost you about $300. If your pole room has vaulted ceilings, is taller than nine feet, or you personally prefer a permanent mount (vs. tension), look to add an additional $18.99-$89.99 to your purchase.

Studio: Each Chrome Practice class is $15.

Can I motivate myself to do home workouts?

Home: Perhaps you already have a workout room full of equipment and DVDs that are collecting dust. Does time slip away from you at home or do you find yourself doing household chores instead of exercising? If this describes you, then chances are a home pole would not be used often either. However, if you find doing at home workouts to be part of your daily routine, a home pole might be a great addition to your workout equipment.

Studio: Our instructors are present during classes to motivate you to “try it again” or “try the non-dominant side” and will keep you motivated. If you’re a current client, you also know that we motivate you to come to class through texts, emails, and Facebook to help you make it to the studio, as well.

Do I have enough space?

Home: There is nothing worse than kicking a wall or dresser while trying to dismount from a pole move. A good measurement is to have a circumference around your pole of at least your height. An even better measurement would be to have this circumference of your height with arms outstretched overhead. Anything shorter than this and you risk injury to yourself and possibly your home.

Studio: Our poles are stationed 8-10 feet apart and allow ample space for pole moves

What extra time do I have in my schedule?

Home: If you have 1-2 hour blocks of time at home without any obligations, then having a pole at home might benefit you. If you are rarely home, then this might not be a good option for you. Another question to ask yourself is “Does my free time coincide with any of the studio practice times?”

Studio: We offer five practice classes per week, with a morning, late evening, early evening, and weekend classes that might fit into your schedule.

Can I invest in a safety mat?

Home: A crash mat is one of the best training tools available. We are moms, sisters, and daughters and we need to protect ourselves while doing these gymnastic-like moves. A mat (including shipping) will be about $300. Pillows and carpet can ease some falls, but should never be relied upon.

Studio: We have multiple crash mats available for use at the studio, as well as instructors able to spot you in new or difficult moves. We always place the utmost importance on student safety within the studio.

If you’re still unsure if a home pole is right for you call us at 317-581-1563 or email info@mychromefitness.com to discuss your personal situation.

If you decided to purchase a home pole call or email to place your order through us. Since we are an X-Pole dealer you can receive discounted shipping plus we will ensure you have ordered everything you need for your personal home space.