dance studio

Our Dance Studio

Our 1,800 sq. foot dance studio space holds 9 45mm spinning/static poles, 5 suspension trainers, and a 10 foot high mirror that runs the length of the main wall. There is plenty of space at the back of the studio to hang coats and store bags and purses.

All of our classes are held in this room. Many of our classes run back to back, so we appreciate your timeliness to class.  We also have a comfy lounge area in the lobby for you to wait or rest between classes.

Studio Policies

dance studio
  • 24 hour cancellation before classes or class may still be deducted from package.
  • Students arriving more than 5 minutes late to class may not be allowed to enter.
  • All participants must sign a waiver before first class.
  • Clients must be 18 years or older.
  • Please wear separate shoes to the studio than the ones you plan to wear during class. We strive to keep the floors clean, so please help us by not tracking outside dirt or slush into the studio.