pole studio

About Our Pole Studio

At our pole studio, Chrome Fitness, you can learn the amazing art of fitness pole dancing. Master the skill, grace, sensuality, power, and dance that accompanies this incredible art and fitness form. A pole routine can be anything you want it to be! It can be fast, slow, sexy, contemporary, modern, story telling, happy, sad, rhythmical, and everything in between!

Chrome Fitness offers classes in a natural progression of skills, transitions, tricks, and strength. Learn more about your self and your body as you embark on this incredible journey.

We also promote a balanced life with our supplemental fitness classes. There are five components of wellness, and Chrome Fitness seeks to improve each of these. Many of our classes target multiple aspects such as improving cardio endurance and dance skills in Zumba or improving flexibility and strength in Yoga. With our wide variety of classes, there is something for everyone that will improve your fitness level, while supporting your pole dancing endeavors!