Is Pole Fitness Fun?

Pole Fitness: I’m doing this, is it fun yet?

Here’s a problem: We’ve gained a few, gotten into some bad habits, looked in the mirror and winced. Americans as a whole create a problem quickly: drive up windows, fast food, and quick service. Notice a trend?

We want the answer to be just as quick. If we had our way, we’d drive to that same window, order a Slim Meal, and the pounds would be gone within a day or two. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this.┬áThe formula is simple: Calories in, calories out.

Chrome Fitness helps make the “calories out” part fun.

For many of us, time is crucial: an hour here between appointments, a couple of hours there between assignments.

Marcy Kerr, (M.S., Kinesiology) and owner of Chrome Fitness reminds us that “while any workout is better than none, a systematic, planned program of exercise is the best way to establish healthy habits for the rest of your life.”

Make these Pole Fitness benefits part of your exercise routine:

Great Habits – Exercise can be a huge momentum builder for success. When we combine the enjoyment of physical activity with the satisfaction of learning a new skill, it can all add up to a new attitude and a fabulous addition to working out.

Self Confidence – We love it:┬áthat “something, something” that goes with stepping on the scale and seeing another pound gone, slipping into those jeans and finding them just a little looser.

Stress Relief – Pole Fitness isn’t an hour long escape to make us forget our troubles. The greatest stress reliever in the world is to change something that is causing us stress. Making a decision to improve our health and following through is perfect to lessen anxiety, self-criticism, depression, and other little matters that like to stress us out.

Fun! – Let’s not forget fun. That’s why we swing around that pole in the first place. Our workout tightens things we want tightened, tones things we want toned, and all while doing something we never thought we’d try in our lives. Now that’s fun!

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