Student Spotlight: Tracy

The Fitness Gains of Tracy

By Brooke Reynolds

We can all relate to Chrome Fitness student Tracy’s

story: We’re working out consistently, feeling like we’re in control of our health and wellness, and then suddenly, life hits us.

For Tracy, it was several big hits. Her grandma passed away from heart disease in 2008, her dad died of ALS a few months later, and her mom had two stints put in her heart two weeks after that. Tracy was going to be a mom three months from that point and realized how important it was to become physically and mentally healthy for her newborn daughter, Sydney. After a couple surgeries of her own before Sydney was six months old, she was ready to blast the 35 pounds of extra weight she wasn’t used to having.

But it didn’t happen overnight. It took almost two years for Tracy to get back to the fitness abilities she had prior to becoming a mom. The journey called for patience, persistence and the humility to start with just walking a lot and building upon that. She continually brought God into her workout life and asked Him to help her get her body back. Her prayers were answered.

Tracy found Chrome Fitness almost three years ago, in 2015, through her friend and fellow Chrome sister, Bobbie Gamble. Tracy loves Chrome because it combines three things she adores: working out, music and dancing. Tracy also appreciates how the calisthenics classes, such as Bootcamp, Chrome Con and Zumbooty, lead by Chrome Fitness owner Marcy Kerr-Lemus, are always different and keep her muscles guessing.

It’s also the friendships she’s made at Chrome that keep her coming back. “There are so many amazing ladies from all walks of life at Chrome, but we all share the common bond of loving the studio and all it provides for us and for each other,” Tracy says.

Tracy loves showing off her muscles that she has earned!

“At 38 years old, I’m in the BEST shape I’ve ever been in since I was in college!” Tracy says. “I’m able to do pull-ups and full push-ups. I’m able to squat with at 50-pound free weight for several rounds. I have side abs and muscles, cuts and definition in places I didn’t even know I had. Because of Chrome, I don’t feel like my age.”

Tracy has seen additional health gains since recommitting to her fitness journey. Her blood pressure has decreased, she has more mental clarity and she sleeps better at night. She also has a newfound respect and love for her body and all it can do – including the way it twerks and pole-dances!

“Having a fitness safe-haven, where I can wear a sports bra and pole shorts and drop it low without being judged or grabbed on, is a win-win in my book!” Tracy says.