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Hear what our members have to say about the classes, environment, instructors, and benefits found at Chrome Fitness!

Shannon Rice
Shannon Rice
posted 2 months ago

I decided to try something new despite being nervous. That was about 11 months ago and I'm so glad I tried it! The teachers are all so sweet and talented. My classmates have become some of my best friends and I love them all.

Sonja Carpiaux
Sonja Carpiaux
posted 6 months ago

It’s great to be able to work out with the Chrome ladies and I’ve loved the extra options for working out remotely. Plus, Marcy is amazing at making workouts fun, challenging and still achievable no matter your current ability. Thank you!!

Morgan Sheets
Morgan Sheets
posted 1 year ago

There truly is no place like Chrome! I started going at the beginning of 2020 and my experience has far exceeded my expectations and given me more than I even knew I was looking for! Not only am I having a lot of fun, but my body is becoming strong, I have more control of it than ever, and I can see all of that in both how my body looks and how I move. I can't imagine exercising any other way now!

Andrea Harmon
Andrea Harmon
posted 1 year ago

I despise working out, and could never find something I really enjoyed until I joined chrome. I love the community and I’m in the best shape of my life. I went from a very sedentary lifestyle to working out at least 2-3x a week. They are also very body positive, so you never have to worry about not being welcome due to size. It’s wonderful I’ve never felt I fit in as a plus size women in any gym community let alone a dance community. Do yourself a favor and sign up for an intro class. I’ve been here almost 6 months. I love it and would highly recommend it. Also as a mom to a very little one I love the flexible schedules.

Mary R
Mary R
posted 2 years ago

I have never stuck to a work out plan in my life and have no dance background. This is the only thing I have maintained and it's because of how amazing it is. I have been going to Chrome since 2015! It's the best workout and the best atmosphere! The instructors are very caring and really want you to succeed. They will make you feel right at home and will work with any needs you have. I've had 2 babies and was able to safely continue working out because of the highly trained staff. This is a safe place to get healthy, strong, have fun, and make friends!

Marcy has been my pole dance instructor for over 2 years. I also LOVE her Zumba and Bootcamp classes! She’s an amazing person, fitness guru, and friend. I can’t say I’ve ever had an instructor so genuinely in tune with her class on a group and individual level.

Her constant smile and positive attitude makes you feel welcome and motivates you to push yourself each and every time. Her classes are always in an environment that make you feel safe to express yourself and truly bond with her and other students. There is no judgement from anyone…ever, only support in helping you achieve your goals.

Safety is always first with Marcy, and she teaches in a way that sets you up for success. When you love your instructor, your classmates, and feel safe in your workout environment, you are then consistent in attending your classes and you see RESULTS!

Pole Dance is a FUN, addictive, and challenging workout that builds your confidence like no other and the friendships I’ve made over the past two years are an extremely welcome bonus!

– Cherie D.

Marcy is a great inspiration to me. After returning to fitness from a life hiatus, and always trying to lose some weight, Marcy’s Zumba classes have shown me great success and motivation. No matter what your age is or your level of fitness, the classes are encouraging and exciting to participate in. Everyone has been so welcoming and accepting. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon such a great place to work out!

– Paula F.

I have been doing Zumba with Marcy for a little more than six months now. She has challenging choreography which makes it fun!

The thing I love best about Marcy’s classes is the all-round attitude in the room. Everyone is there to have fun and work on their own personal fitness. There is sincerely no judgment aimed at those who do not have an ounce of rhythm nor at those struggle in their quest for fitness.

Marcy takes a personal interest in everyone around her. She has been patient with me and challenging me to make small changes in my life to create a healthier lifestyle overall. I am feeling and looking better slowly every day, and I’m excited to start pole with her when Chrome Fitness opens.

– Letitia K.

Marcy is a FANTASTIC trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and sweet. I have definitely gained strength from bootycamp, which is by far my favorite group fitness class ever. Marcy does a great job of mixing up the exercises from week to week, and her enthusiasm is infectious!

– Meredith Y.

I absolutely LOVE BIU! Its such a fun, energetic, coordination and mind-strengthening class. Breaking down the dance step by step, count by count allows you to truly feel like a backup dancer by the end of class! You are having so much fun dancing that you forget you’re exercising! My week is not complete without breakin’ it down and backin’ it up.

– Shandra S.

This is such a fun way to exercise! Jamie, the creator, is very professional, down-to-earth, and hilarious! She is a fabulous instructor because she will bring to our attention the steps in which we’re struggling and show us ways to improve them. At the end of class, it is so neat to dance the completed routine in unison. After putting our bodies and minds to the test, we feel a real sense of accomplishment.

– Andrea H.

I started pole dancing a little over 2 years ago as an alternative to going to a “normal” gym to lift weights. Pole dancing not only is FUN, but it builds EVERY muscle in your body! I was a gymnast for many years, but I can honestly say, at 50 years old, I am a lot stronger than I have ever been.

But, the most rewarding part of taking lessons is the friendships I’ve made. My “pole sisters” are my best friends – they encourage and support unlike women in any other setting. Try it – you won’t regret it!

– Susie K.

This studio will be a new home for me. As I’ve grown and developed in my fitness journey, the bond I have gained with Marcy has been amazing. She’s so encouraging and upbeat that it seems like you really can achieve any goal you would ever think to have.

I was never into working out before I began training and working with Marcy. Her Zumba classes are addicting, upbeat, and effective.

I never saw myself doing something as unusual as pole fitness either. I have surpassed so many reservations I have had about my own body because of these pole classes. I have developed muscles I didn’t even know I had! The confidence I have gained from attending these classes is astronomical.

Overall, I have a more positive outlook on myself and my health, meanwhile making amazing friendships along the way!

– Sammy P.

Miss Marcy really knows her stuff. Last year I texted her the results of my high cholesterol results. By the time I got to pole class THAT night, she had suggestions and apps for me to use.

Miss Marcy really cares about her clients.If you’ve missed a class, she makes sure to text/email and ask if everything is okay. She loves to celebrate birthdays. She’s a huge encourager, positive and uplifting, and always has a cheerful disposition. It’s this type of special touch that really has endeared me to her in a shy way.

Oh, and the classes are GREAT, too.

– Latrina J.

Getting involved in pole fitness was one of the best decisions I have ever made! What started as simply something fun to try, turned into a true passion and fitness regimen for me.

I have seen more toning results in my almost 2 years of pole than what I did in 8+ years of lifting at the gym. I have been able to push my strength and body in ways that I never thought was possible.

Pole fitness helped me take myself back, helping me realize how important it is to make sure that I’m taking care of me. I’ve also gained pole sisters, who I would have never otherwise met.

Now that my pole journey has begun, there is no stopping now!

– Faith P.

Back It Up! is my favorite class! I’ve always enjoyed dancing and never had the opportunity to take a dance class before. It’s fun learning new dance routines each week, and I love the feeling of accomplishment I have at the end of each class!

– Debbie T.